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Lesia, U Salon, Atlanta - GA

"When I first opened my salon over a decade ago I already knew I wanted to use Barex as my main product line. I love the fresh look, the variety of products, and the fact that some of the products were packaged in glass which is the sign for me of a high quality line. Out of a scale of 1-10 I give Barex Italiana a 12!"

Dona, Joelle Salon, Birmingham - AL

"I recall the first time Mr.Lynn (US Importer) walked into my salon and introduced these awesome Barexs Italiana products. That was 20 plus years ago. I have trusted in Barex Italiana ever since and I have continued using this products for that many years. I have never experienced such a professional product that works so well on hair. I truly believe in Barex Italiana."

James, Hair By James Salon, Pullman – WA

"I have worked with just about every color/product line out there, and nothing compares to what Barex Italiana offers. The sheer quality and quantity of options that it provides for the astute hairdresser is unparalleled. If you are serious about your craft, and care about results that provide depth and nuance while maintaining the integrity the hair, then these are the products for you. From colors with excellent coverage and incredibly rich undertones that do not fade, to lifters that provide beautiful pale blondes, to products that revitalize the hair of your clientele with weightless beauty and unrivaled shine, they truly have it all."

Anita, Dragonfly Salon, Bismarck - ND

"I cannot say enough about this line of products and their color line. It is by far the best I have used in my industry of 30 years! My shelves show how much my clients love them!!! It's the hardest product to keep stocked, it flies out too easily. I can honestly say I love every product! Each one has it's own treatment for any specific type of hair you are dealing with!"

Tina, Tina Jones Hair studio, Tulsa - OK

"The JOC line in the Barex Italiana hair care system is by far the best product line on the market. I have never in my 40 years of doing hair had a line of products that I love all of it. The hairsprays are amazing. Barex Italiana hair colour is as well the best that I have used ever."

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