Oily and Impure scalp/Needs detox

Products for oily, heavy hair that gently cleanse scalp and restore its natural balance.
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  1. Barex Italiana - ShineSupreme Shampoo

    Regular Price: $28.00

    Special Price $22.40

    This Shampoo Gently cleanses while giving endless radiance to hair. Locks-in moisture so hair is smoothed, silky soft and light as a feather! For hair so brilliant, it glows! Brings dull and opaque hair back to life, a real shine infusion....
  2. Barex Italiana - ShineSupreme Conditioner

    Regular Price: $29.00

    Special Price $23.20

    A conditioner so nourishing and detangling, that hair becomes irresistably soft to touch. Creamy yet lightweight formula that adds NEVER BEFORE shine and eliminates static electricity making hair super easy to comb and style. ...
  3. AETO' BOTANICA - Scalp De-Toxer Oil


    AETO' Botanica Scalp Detoxer Oil is a Healing remedy blended from 100% virgin essential oils to detox and re-balance oily, itchy and/or flaky scalps. This detoxer oil is ideal to naturally improve scalp conditions such as dandruff, eczema and hype...

  4. JOC CURE - Soothing Shampoo

    Price From: $29.00

    Incredibly delicate, formulated to calm and provide relief to scalp thanks to an efficient complex of officinal herbs. After each shampoo, hair becomes softer, shinier and easy to manage.

  5. JOC CURE - Soothing Serum


    A softening and decongesting treatment which provides immediate relief to scalp. It silky texture makes the application of the product particulary pleasant. Confers a feeling of wellness.

  6. JOC CURE - Purifying Shampoo

    Price From: $29.00

    Brings scalp that is stressed or with excess sebum back to a state of wellness. Performs a softening and dermo-purifying action. Scalp is toned and hair stays shiny and cleansed over time.

  7. JOC CURE - Universal Purifying Clay


    Rich and creamy, this natural clay performs a calming and sebum-balancing action. Ideal for treating scalp with disorders, impurities and dry dandruff. Neutralizises external bacteria without impeding cellular renewal. It purifies and protects sca...

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Oily and Impure scalp/Needs detox

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