Colored hair

Protection and brilliance for color treated hair.
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  1. Barex Italiana - ColourLife Shampoo

    Regular Price: $28.00

    Special Price $22.40

    Shampoo specifically formulated to prevent colour fading by fighting HEAVILY free radicals while enhancing GLOSSY shine. Ultra gentle and replenishing, it gives colour treated, bleached and highlighted hair moisture and suppleness, bringing out colou...
  2. JOC COLOR LINE - Colour Protection Conditioner

    Price From: $27.00

    Light and creamy, ideal for detangling and moisturizing coloured hair. Makes colour last in time and helps preserve its brilliance. With UV Filter to shield hair from the sun's damaging rays. Coloured hair becomes soft, silky and wonderfully shiny...

  3. JOC COLOR LINE - Colour Protection Shampoo

    Price From: $26.00

    Ultra delicate, perfect for protecting coloured hair from photo-oxidation. Makes colour last in time and helps preserve its brilliance. With UV Filter to shield hair from the sun's damaging rays. Accentuates colour intensity and deepness of hues. ...

  4. JOC CARE - Restructuring Oil


    Repairing treatment for weak and damaged hair. Protects hair from external aggressions without weighing them down. Leaves hair extremely soft and shiny. Perfect as a pre-styling treatment or for finishing with extra shine. Absorbs immediately and ...

  5. JOC CARE - Restructuring Mask

    Price From: $36.00

    Rich, creamy and restorative mask, formulated for rebuilding damaged and weak hair. Deeply nourishes and restructures hair while giving softness and suppleness. Ideal as a post-technical service treatment.

  6. JOC CARE - Restructuring Shampoo

    Price From: $25.00

    Deeply nourishes, restoring damaged and weak hair with strength and shine. Restructures the hair fiber which gains body and vitality. Hair becomes easier to manage and style.

  7. AETO' BOTANICA - Fortifying Oil

    AETO' Botanica Fortifying oil rescues damaged and dry hair with the hidden talents of Olive, Bamboo, Jojoba,Rosemary and Lavender oils. It generously pampers stressed,parched, and overworked hair. Containing 100% pure active botanical ingredients, th...
  8. AETO' BOTANICA - Fortifying Mask Bamboo & Wild Mango

    Price From: $34.00

    AETO' Botanica Bamboo & Wild Mango Fortifying Mask caresses the hair with an exceptionally nutritious "botanical butter" derived from the finest Wild Mango. This mask regenerates all types of strssed and weakened hair.It moisturizes and detang...

  9. AETO' BOTANICA - Fortifying Conditioner Bamboo & Hibiscus

    Price From: $32.00

    The revitalizing secrets of the East blended with vitamin enriched botanicals form the essence of the AETO' fortifying conditioner .The Hibiscus plant has also been used for over 2000 years as a food source : infact its seeds contain highly nutrit...

  10. AETO' BOTANICA - Fortifying Shampoo Bamboo & Yucca

    Price From: $30.00

    AETO' Fortifying Shampoo is a gentle cleanser with Bamboo and Yucca extracts that is rich in proteins,aminoacids and starches.Traditionally, Yucca has been renowed for its curative effect, treating arthritis, hair loss and dandruff. Aeto' Fortifyi...

  11. Barex Italiana - NutriRich Repair Fluid ampoules

    Regular Price: $70.00

    Special Price $56.00

    This extremely silky fluid deeply repairs very dry, chemically treated hair with weakened keratin structure. Replenishes the fiber with moisture, volume and incredible shine without any build up. Hair is intensely restructured and stronger. Luster, s...
  12. Barex Italiana - NutriRich Serum

    Regular Price: $30.00

    Special Price $24.00

    A lush serum that smoothes out the cuticle and prevents the formation of split-ends that are sealed by a STRONG protective film. Repairs EFFICIENTLY dry and weak ends, restoring luster and shin....
  13. Barex Italiana - NutriRich Mask

    Regular Price: $42.00

    Special Price $33.60

    This mask is a rich repair treatment that dramatically nourishes dry, weakened and processed hair. Restores QUICKLY hair's elasticity and fortifies the shaft. Hair is smoothed, less prone to breakage and shielded from external aggressions. Hair emerg...
  14. Barex Italiana - NutriRich Shampoo

    Regular Price: $28.00

    Special Price $22.40

    A delicate cleanser that delivers a shower of moisture and nourishment, restoring softness to dry and brittle hair. Vital hydratation is COMPLETELY sealed into in the fiber for long lasting results. Hair texture emerges with extra luster and supplene...
  15. Barex Italiana - ColourLife Mask

    Regular Price: $42.00

    Special Price $33.60

    This ultra rich mask powerfully nourishes colour treated, bleached and highlighted hair while completely protecting it from enivornmental aggressions. Performs a deep anti-oxidant action to preserve colour integrity and enhance reflections. ...
  16. Barex Italiana - ColourLife Conditioner

    Regular Price: $29.00

    Special Price $23.20

    This creamy conditioner deeply hydrates colour treated, bleached and highlighted hair while balancing its natural pH value. Extends colour life by sealing it into the shaft. Hair gains extra suppleness and vibrant shine....
  17. JOC COLOR LINE - Thermo Reactive Cream

    Price From: $29.00

    A rich, ultra nourishing treatment that when activated by a heat source works to protect coloured hair while giving extreme shine. Makes colour last in time and helps preserve its brilliance. Hair immediately becomes softer and more manageble. Wit...

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Colored hair

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