Aeto' Botanica

The purest natural line based on botanical ingredients, completely free of Sulfates, Parabens, CDEA, Artificial Colorants and Petroleum derivates. Perfumed with the finest and naturally refreshing fragrances to reduce emotional stress, AETO’ BOTANICA, forges a perfect equilibrium between body, mind and soul. It celebrates a lifetime of healthy hair with a complete collection of regenerating antidotes. The line introduces the science of botany by drawing on the earth’s natural elements and wisely connects them to the most advanced scientific innovations in haircare.
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  1. AETO' BOTANICA - Fortifying Shampoo Bamboo & Yucca

    Price From: $30.00

    AETO' Fortifying Shampoo is a gentle cleanser with Bamboo and Yucca extracts that is rich in proteins,aminoacids and starches.Traditionally, Yucca has been renowed for its curative effect, treating arthritis, hair loss and dandruff. Aeto' Fortifyi...

  2. AETO' BOTANICA - Fortifying Conditioner Bamboo & Hibiscus

    Price From: $32.00

    The revitalizing secrets of the East blended with vitamin enriched botanicals form the essence of the AETO' fortifying conditioner .The Hibiscus plant has also been used for over 2000 years as a food source : infact its seeds contain highly nutrit...

  3. AETO' BOTANICA - Fortifying Mask Bamboo & Wild Mango

    Price From: $34.00

    AETO' Botanica Bamboo & Wild Mango Fortifying Mask caresses the hair with an exceptionally nutritious "botanical butter" derived from the finest Wild Mango. This mask regenerates all types of strssed and weakened hair.It moisturizes and detang...

  4. AETO' BOTANICA - Fortifying Oil

    AETO' Botanica Fortifying oil rescues damaged and dry hair with the hidden talents of Olive, Bamboo, Jojoba,Rosemary and Lavender oils. It generously pampers stressed,parched, and overworked hair. Containing 100% pure active botanical ingredients, th...
  5. AETO' BOTANICA - Scalp De-Toxer Oil


    AETO' Botanica Scalp Detoxer Oil is a Healing remedy blended from 100% virgin essential oils to detox and re-balance oily, itchy and/or flaky scalps. This detoxer oil is ideal to naturally improve scalp conditions such as dandruff, eczema and hype...

  6. AETO' BOTANICA - Contouring Serum

    AETO' Botanica Contouring Serum is a smoothing serum to style, control and relax all hair types. From the seeds of Moringa, the plant that "never dies", an extract is obtained that provides a shield against sun damage and prevents micro particles of ...
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Aeto' Botanica

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