All the deepest energies, all the hardest investments, all the heartfelt passions are flooded in the creation of unbelivably performing haircare products the most valuabe allies for the artist’s creativty.


The most complete ARGAN OIL product line for sublime nourishing treatments and exceptional style. The collection roots in the dawn of time, revealing the ancient secret of beauty known as “LIQUID GOLD”. For millennia, in fact, ARGAN OIL enriched the beauty of Berber women, guardians of this secret. Today, blending organic extracts of pure Argan and Linseed Oil, BAREX ITALIANA proudly presents this opulent line of essential admixtures for a timeless beauty and elegance.


The dream of every woman comes true: a complete and effortless everyday line of treatment products which, thanks to pure certified organic extracts and essential blends, replenishes every hair type with its original shining beauty. Crafted formulations made by our skilled research laboratory team, lets you have sublime, never before experienced results in every moment, from morning wake up to late nights out.


Olioseta Oro Di Luce gives hair back its natural brilliance. A complete line of treatment and styling products enriched with Silk Proteins and Linseeds for hair infused with luminosity. Ideal for all hair types, particularly indicated for dull, opaque, fragile and weakened hair. Always considered symbols of splendor and luxury, naturalness and vitality, these two ingredients penetrate hair that acquires immediately a silky feel, extraordinary shine and becomes smooth and easy to comb. Hair glows like rays of light.


Superplex Keratin Bonder treatments provide strength and shine for healthy hair. Two products to restructure and strengthen hair after a technical service. Enriched with Keratin Amino Acids that work deeply, replenishing disulfide bonds inside the hair fiber and performing a conditioning action to maintain an optimal moisture level in the hair leaving it full of body and shine. These product rebuilding the fibre from the inside and making hair strong, softness, shiny and resistant to breakage. It protects against damage caused by chemical treatments, external agents and stress from brushing.


An entire and versatile new world devoted to the most demanding hairdresser. Made of strictly professional treatments: from the care of scalp and hair, to color and styling, JOC is far more than a complete brand. It gives the unique chance to play with infinite combinations, providing the hairdresser with the possibility to tailor extremely exclusive services to their clients, without compromising any detail or quality. Finally, a brand for the discerning stylist that satisfies every salon request with unprecedented levels of performance.


The purest natural line based on botanical ingredients, completely free of Sulfates, Parabens, CDEA, Artificial Colorants and Petroleum derivates. Perfumed with the finest and naturally refreshing fragrances to reduce emotional stress, AETO’ BOTANICA, forges a perfect equilibrium between body, mind and soul. It celebrates a lifetime of healthy hair with a complete collection of regenerating antidotes. The line introduces the science of botany by drawing on the earth’s natural elements and wisely connects them to the most advanced scientific innovations in haircare.


Minimal Price: $ 29.50 29.5

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