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Have you ever dreamed of absolute perfection for your hair, something so stylish and exclusive like an Armani suit or a Ferrari ? Perfection and Italian style can be yours with Barex Italiana.  


Barex Italiana Hair care Founded in 1967

The company

Family owned for over 4 decades, Barex has fiercely maintained his focus on incomparable premium quality haircare products, keeping the pace with market changes and trends. The essence of Italian craftsmanship has been infused in tireless work from 1967 until today, blending tradition with latest innovation. All the deepest energies, all the hardest investments, all the heartfelt passions are flooded in the creation of unbelievably performing haircare products, the most valuable allies for the artist’s creativity. 



Today large-scale production, amounts of different suppliers and never-ending stocks are usually the causes of dubious quality, lack covered with massive advertising and marketing. Barex Italiana philosophy, instead, is far from this sort of business model. The production is expertly planned in quantities ensuring the highest accurate controls and each product is obsessionally inspected from the moment it is formulated, to the moment of the delivery. Barex Italiana efforts are dedicated to create not simply haircare products, but true crafted “jewels” for hair, and to the direct care of each single customer needs. Guaranteed quality, highest achievable details and the complete clients satisfaction are Barex compelling ethic. 


Providing to sophisticated professionals  incomparable brain-heart infused products and resources that allow them to offer sublime and sensory to pleasure experiences to their customers . Barex Italiana with its intense Italian craftsmanship essence, constant huge investments in avant-garde technologies and the never ending effort in seeking the purest extracts from all the remote angles of the globe reaches this goal from 1967 with thousands of happy customers in 27 different countries.


With the promise to respect the environment, Barex Italiana has installed photovoltaic panels on the roof of the manufacturing facility, allowing the Company to be completely self-sufficient in terms of energy consumption. Raw materials and natural ingredients are selected only from certified suppliers that ensure sustainability. In fact, our natural extracts are produced without the use of chemical solvents and additives, part of the profits earned from commerce are turned into projects that offer to local women scholastic and professional formation or playing an active role in reforestation programmes. Barex Italiana supports also the project “Open Hair Comics” to fight the violence against woman and a related local no-profit organization.

Barex Italiana Hair care Italian craftmanship heritage
Barex Italiana Hair care 100% made in Italy
Barex Italiana Hair care Excellence and perfection since 1967
Barex Italiana Hair care 20 years of tradition in the US market
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